Anthill's People's Choice Award &

Leader of Small Business 2019

Youngest Consultant to the Victorian Minister of Business

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About Morgan Coleman

Entrepreneur of the Year & Leader of Small Business 2019

Morgan Coleman is an Indigenous tech entrepreneur, property developer and consultant. He is passionate about using business and entrepreneurship to empower minorities and change the outcomes for their communities.

Morgan prides himself on living by the principles of self-determination, creativity, individualism and uniqueness, key values that are instilled in all his business ventures. 

Morgan's vision is to inspire a generation of Indigenous Australians to use business and entrepreneurship as a vehicle to creating a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. He aspires for his businesses to  stand as a lasting testament to the capabilities of Indigenous Australians.Traditionally Torres Strait Islanders used the stars to navigate across the oceans. Morgan had his logo designed to encompass the individualism of entrepreneurship, straying from the conventional and being guided by your own stars.​


His philosophy is simple. C R E A T E .  D E L I V E R .  I N S P I R E.


Antill's People's Choice Award &

Leader of Small Business 2019

Business Projects

Indigenous tech entrepreneur, property developer and consultant.

Vets on Call App

The app that brings the vet to you in the comfort of your own home.

Property Developer

Residential and Commercial Developments.


Youngest consultant to the Victorian Minister of Small Business.



Vets on Call - Mobile App

Complete management of your pet’s health

Have complete access to your pet’s healthcare records at all times. The Vets on Call app features detailed records of your pet’s health history, meaning your vet can find out everything they need to know.

Stress-free and Convenient 

Avoid going to the vet and bring them to you instead. No more waiting rooms, no more cages; Vets On Call offers the highest-quality veterinary care in the comfort of your own home when it suits you.

Property Development

Residential and Commercial Property

Morgan Coleman has created an exclusive reputation defined by quality. Drawing on nearly a decade of industry experience, MC Developments has a strong commitment to innovation and quality in the built form.

With a focus on design and operational excellence Morgan has established himself as a reliable and professional developer in the small to medium residential and commercial space. With a keen eye for exploring the needs of the marketplace, Morgan strives to be at the forefront of Victoria's property landscape.

"I understand the complexities in property development within Melbourne and Victoria and how the built form can not only fit our evolving lifestyles but also enhance them."


Featured in


‘It’s Entirely Up to Me’: Indigenous Australians Find Empowerment in Start-Ups

New York Times

'Uber for vets': App from start-up Vets on Call puts animal doctors in the house

Sydney Morning Herald

Is your dog feeling sick? Worry no more, the Uber for vets (and your pets) is finally here

Anthill Magazine

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